TitleDescriptionDateWatch Listen Download
Luke 19:1-10 - "Salvation Has Come"Pastor Lonny Ferreiro8/8/2021
Water Baptism ExplainedPastor John Thomas7/11/2021
Acts 3-4 - "No longer afraid"Pastor John Thomas5/30/2021
Mercy Triumphs Over JudgmentPastor John Thomas5/16/2021
Mother's Day Message 2021 - Luke 1 "A Purpose that's to be Responded to"Pastor John Thomas5/9/2021
Psalm 8Pastor Lonny Ferriro5/2/2021
Easter MessagePastor John Thomas4/4/2021
Good Friday Message & CommunionPastor John Thomas4/2/2021
John 4:1-42 - "A Woman Made Well" Wesley T Hershelman3/28/2021
Psalm 13 Pastor Lonny Ferreiro3/24/2021
Calvary Chapel Brownsville - Middle School Band Leading Morning Chapel Worship Pastor Wes Hershelman3/5/2021
Psalm 1 Pastor Lonny Ferreiro3/3/2021
Mark 5: 21-43 - "Lives Restored"Pastor Wes Hershelman2/28/2021
Special PresentationCovid Vaccine Presentation2/21/2021
Psalm 2 Pastor Lonny Ferreiro1/20/2021
John 11:1-44 "God's Delays are by Design" Pastor Wesley T Hershelman1/17/2021
John 4 - "Personal Evangelism"Pastor Lonny Ferreiro1/13/2021
New Year's Eve Service 2020Pastor John Thomas12/31/2020
Christmas Eve Service 2020 Pastor John Thomas12/24/2020
1 Corinthians 13 - "And the Greatest of these is Love" Pastor Wesley Hershelman12/20/2020
Matthew 2 "The Star of Bethlehem" Pastor John Thomas12/9/2020
Psalm 26 Pastor John Thomas12/2/2020
1 Chronicles 16 "The First Thanksgiving" Pastor John Thomas11/25/2020
Calvary Chapel Brownsville - High School Band Leading Morning Chapel WorshipPastor John Thomas11/20/2020
2 Timothy 3 - "Importance of Doctrine Part III - Pastor John Thomas11/18/2020
C.C.C.S Middle and High School ChoirConcert11/17/2020
Psalm 19 -"The Heavens, the Word, and the Glory of God"Pastor Lonny Ferriro11/11/2020
2 Timothy 3 - "Importance of Doctrine" Part II - Pastor John Thomas11/4/2020
Importance of Doctrine Pastor John Thomas10/28/2020
Habakkuk Pastor Lonny Ferreiro10/18/2020
2 Chronicles 20 - "This is how we Fight our Battles" Pastor Wes Hershelman9/27/2020
1 Timothy 1 - Guest Speaker Pastor Tony Falclone9/20/2020
What does the Bible say about Water Baptism? Pastor John Thomas8/23/2020
Ordination Service - Wes HershelmanPastor John Thomas8/16/2020
Psalm 46 - 48 - "A Very Present Help"Zander Shashura8/12/2020
Acts 9 & 1Timothy 1 - "At the Throne of Grace We Come Alive"Pastor Wes Hershelman8/9/2020
Psalm 11 - "The Answer of Faith to the Advice of Fear"Pastor Lonny Ferreiro7/22/2020
Daniel 3 - "Faith During the Fire"Pastor Wes Hershelman7/19/2020
Acts Chapters 1-2 "Pentecost Sunday"Pastor John Thomas5/31/2020
Exodus 14Pastor John Thomas4/15/2020
Easter ServicePastor John Thomas4/12/2020
Good Friday ServicePastor John Thomas4/10/2020
Exodus 12Pastor John Thomas4/8/2020
Palm Sunday ServicePastor John Thomas4/5/2020
Covid19-Psalm91Part 13/15/2020
The 7 Letter to the 7 ChurchesPart 59/26/2018
The 7 Letter to the 7 ChurchesPart 49/19/2018
The 7 Letter to the 7 ChurchesPart 39/12/2018
The 7 Letter to the 7 ChurchesPart 28/29/2018
The 7 Letter to the 7 ChurchesPart 18/22/2018
The New BuildingThe New Building10/1/2017
Moving The CampMoving The Camp9/24/2017
Lessons in Exodus - Part 16Lessons in Exodus - Part 166/18/2017
Lessons in Exodus - Part 15Lessons in Exodus - Part 156/11/2017
Lessons in Exodus - Part 14Lessons in Exodus - Part 145/28/2017
Lesson in Exodus - Part 13Lesson in Exodus - Part 135/21/2017
Lesson in Exodus - Part 12Lesson in Exodus - Part 125/14/2017
Lesson in Exodus - Part 11Lesson in Exodus - Part 115/7/2017
Lesson In Exodus - Part 10The Voice and the Covenant4/30/2017
Palm SundayStand Up4/9/2017
Lessons in Exodus - Part 9Lessons in Exodus - Part 93/26/2017
Lessons in Exodus - Part 8Lessons in Exodus - Part 83/19/2017
Lessons in Exodus - Part 7Lessons in Exodus - Part 73/12/2017
Lessons in Exodus - Part 6Lessons in Exodus - Part 63/5/2017
Lessons in Exodus - Part 5Lessons in Exodus - Part 52/26/2017
Lessons In Exodus - Part 4Lessons In Exodus - Part 42/19/2017
Lessons In Exodus - Part 3Lessons In Exodus - Part 31/29/2017
Lessons in Exodus - Part 2Lessons in Exodus - Part 21/22/2017
Lessons in Exodus - Part 1Lessons in Exodus - Part 11/15/2017
Water BaptismWater Baptism6/26/2016
Palm SundayProphecy of the Messiah3/20/2016
Palm SundayPalm Sunday4/13/2014
Tribute To Chuck SmithTribute To Chuck Smith10/6/2013
Joshua 1Guest Speaker Kurt Nuckels4/21/2013
The ResurrectionThe Resurrection3/31/2013
Building the House of GodBuilding the House of God2/24/2013
Three Simple ThingsThree Simple Things2/17/2013
The Holy Spirit and WorshipThe Holy Spirit and Worship1/13/2013
The Christmas Story - Part 4The Christmas Story - Part 41/6/2013
The Christmas Story - Part 3The Christmas Story - Part 312/30/2012
The Christmas Story - Part 2The Christmas Story - Part 212/23/2012
The Christmas Story - Part 1The Christmas Story - Part 112/16/2012